The Vroom Ramplift has two attachment brackets that are welded to the trailer. Attached to those brackets is a center shaft that runs the length of a tube that contains a heavy duty torsion spring which is coiled around that shaft.  Each end of that spring fits securely into a spring stop. The left-hand spring stop is welded to the tube. The right-hand spring stop is welded to the center shaft. This design effectively connects one end of the spring to the trailer and the other to the ramp. With the Ramplift correctly adjusted in the upright position, the Ramplift torsion spring is in a neutral or slightly wound state. Lowering the Ramp to the ground winds the torsion spring counterclockwise opening it against the spring stops, counteracting the weight of the ramp to give a smooth, fail-safe control of the heavy ramp.  When you lift the ramp back up, the torsion spring’s stored energy supplies significant lifting torque to overcome the ramps weight. An operator can virtually lift the weight of any ramp with one finger.

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Vroom Engineering & Manufacturing is a locally owned buisness in Tucson, AZ we have been in buisness since 1979, and are proud to be manufacturing the RampLift product.  We fabricate and machine the RampLift right here in our own shop.

  • Designed to prevent lower back strain that can result in injuries and down time.

  • Saves wear and tear on ramps and trailers, prolonging the life of the equipment.

  • Replaces any current assembly with fully adjustable torsion spring.

  • Be able to use a heavier and stronger ramp.

  • No need to tie the ramp to the trailer with chains or straps due to uplock system

  • Ramps being stored vertically allows for more trailer space

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